Author Scarlett Spike
Artwork by Scarlett Spike
Publication date August 9th, 2013
Published by
Status Complete
Genre Romance, adventures
Chapters 8
Rating T+
Warnings Explicit sexual content

Explicit language Violence

Publication Order
Preceded by
Souls, secrets and lessons
Followed by
What are you doing? Six months ago you said you didn't want to get hurt, that you didn't want to see him again, and now it's been not even a week that he's here and you sleep with him? What happened to not getting hurt?
Angel to Scarlett

Convivence is the second installment of a series of stories where the vampires Angel and Spike move to London and join forces with the vampire Scarlett to keep fighting the good fight.





When Spike returns to London, he finds that Angel has become over protective regarding his protegee, making the co-existence of all three rather chaotic.

Author's notes

  • The story picks up right after the events of Souls, secrets and lessons, not counting its epilogue, since it takes place in a distant future.
  • Some events may not match actual timeline corresponding to 2008, such as music, TV, technology.
  • I do not own any rights to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.



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